What Is A Reaffirmation Agreement?

A reaffirmation agreement is an agreement between you and a loan provider stating that you will continue to pay on a debt that could have been discharged during bankruptcy in return for being allowed to keep a piece of personal property (an automobile, for example).

While reaffirming a debt can help ensure you keep your car, house or other piece of property, entering into a reaffirmation agreement may not always be in your best interest. It is possible that you will be unable to continue meeting your payment obligations even after a majority of your debts are discharged through bankruptcy. In that case, you could find yourself facing repossession or foreclosure again in just a few short months. It is also possible that there are other ways to keep your property.

Talking your situation over with a qualified bankruptcy attorney is your best chance to better your financial situation and meet your goal of keeping your car or house.

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