Why Choose Us

Your financial situation, whatever it might be, is different than anyone else’s. Your present circumstances, your dreams for the future, and the results you desire from bankruptcy present a unique and individual case. Michigan Bankruptcy attorney Lander McLoyd believes each of his clients deserves personable representation resulting in a personalized solution.

With your unique situation in mind, Lander McLoyd will utilize his thirty years of professional legal experience and twenty years of consumer-advocacy background to create a tailored solution designed to produce the results most important to you. When your financial future is at stake, you need straightforward, honest representation to help you sort through your options.

Attorney Lander McLoyd will personally explain each option to you, and advise you with candor and integrity ensuring that the option you choose is the best one for your particular situation. Our firm believes that every client is entitled to the most professional and personal attention to every concern he or she may have.

A financial crisis can wreak havoc on your personal and professional life. It can interfere with your mental and physical health. Don’t let your financial situation disrupt your life. Contact Ann Arbor bankruptcy attorney Lander McLoyd today.

Strengths of Our Bankruptcy Practice